Most PTs and trainers
have no idea what it
takes to ride a dirt bike.

Want to ride better?

Don’t see your grandma’s physical therapist, a standard fitness coach, or go it alone. Get results – work with someone who knows the body AND how to ride.

How it works

Work with Vincent and take care of your body, so you can
ride longer, fly faster, and feel better.

Step 1: Who are you?

I don’t just listen to help with the symptoms, I want to know who you are, the whole picture. Your beliefs about yourself and your goals affect what WE can do together about
your challenges.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Using over 15 years of experience as a physical therapist, many years of riding dirt bike as a youth and adult, and rider certification from AZ Dirt Bike Training, I will evaluate your riding needs, create an action plan with you, and work on upskilling your knowledge about your body to reach your riding potential.

Step 3: Get (back to) riding

As your Wingman, I will help you implement your customized plan, act as your accountability partner, be a resource when you have questions, and continue as your fellow strategist when adjustments are needed, until you succeed (or die trying!).


Years of
physical therapy


people I’ve helped
over my career as a


Wingman PT


Been riding
Since I was

What people are saying

Don’t just take his word for it, hear from others who have benefited from working
with Dr. Vincent Maurer, PT, DPT, co-founder of Wingman Physical Therapy.

” I’ve worked with a few trainers in the past but nobody with the vision to set a new standard like you. Everyone in the past hasn’t listened to me but you’ve given me the confidence that we’re gonna make a program perfect for dirt bikes and it’s gonna work. “


” You got me riding again like I could when I was younger, after having been to other physical therapists that couldn’t see or solve the real issues I had underneath the symptoms. “


” Vincent listened to me and was willing to adjust the rehabilitation plan so that I experienced less pain, but still got results. I feel like this approach helped me heal faster. “


Member of the following associations:

American Physical Therapy Association
American Motorcycle Association
Coconino Trail Riders

Certified Rider Through

See You out there!

More Wingman

Check out the blog, reach out to Vincent, or find him on social media platforms as they get set up. Or
come to one of his workshops and events and see for yourself what this is all about.
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