“Hey, do you want to see my ‘exercise bike’?”


Riding a dirt bike requires incredible strength, coordination, balance, and skill.


Wingman Physical Therapy was born out of a deep commitment and passion to serve a population that typically has very little access to physical therapists or healthcare professionals that actually ride dirt bikes and understand the needs of the rider from a rider’s perspective.



My earliest memories are around 4 years old, riding around a dirt track in Washington with a family friend. He told me to hang on, and then climbed a bunch of hills and tracks. I was hooked.

When I was 10 years old, my buddy Frankie taught me how to ride his YZ80. A few months later I got a Honda 100 and used a milk crate so I could stand up tall enough to kick start it and get up on it to ride. I loved riding all over the desert and mountains of Southern California. At 16, I sold my dirt bike to build a Baja Bug and rode friends’ dirt bikes on and off.

I trained in Kung Fu during those interim years and learned about the power of the body when used correctly. Kung Fu showed me how to heal with knowledge of human anatomy and it sparked my interest in how I could help other people using my hands. This spark (and a career consultant) would lead me to physical therapy school and a future in healthcare.

Always wanted to buy another dirt bike, but important things came up: college, marriage, four children, multiple job relocations to Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. After selling our house during our 2021 move and settling in Flagstaff, Arizona, my wife encouraged me to get my current bike, a KTM 450. When I rode that bike for the first time, I went from 47 years old to 16 years old in the blink of an eye.

But I’m not the same “jump on and survive” rider I was back in my teens. I took private coaching with AZ Dirt Bike Training for reprogramming the foundational skills of how to control and maneuver a dirt bike, and how to ride longer and safer. I started developing specific training regimens and rehabilitation exercises off these experiences that would become some of the programs offered in Wingman Physical Therapy today.

I am all in. I have learned that to ride a dirt bike I have to be all in. I can’t be thinking about anything else or I will crash. I am all in for using my experiences and knowledge as a physical therapist, martial artist, and rider to help others. I am uniquely skilled to help riders recover faster from injuries and/or surgeries. I want to do anything I can for them to perform at their best, to ride longer with less effort, and to ride for more years.


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